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Government Of Assam Power Assam Power Project Development Company Ltd

Feasibility Study of Potential Small Hydropower Projects

  • A feasibility study is a preliminary study undertaken to determine and document a project's viability. Hydropower projects usually have many factors that influence the project’s viability from engineering issues through to licensing. The feasibility study is also a source of information on which all parties involved can make preliminary observations and decisions. The feasibility study is done in various stages and involves a process flow. A brief of the activities included in feasibility study of the projects are as follows:

    •  Historical overview
    •  Topographic site analysis
    •  Water resource Flow analysis
    •  Inception report
    •  Environmental and other permissions
    •  Revenue and Cost analysis
    •  Detailed Project report preparation with the above data

    The feasibility study does not aim to provide a turn key solution and does not include detailed designs of systems or civils, structural surveys, detailed drawings and quotations from suppliers or installers, or negotiations with agencies or authorities. It is just a means to decide whether the project potential is feasible and technically and economically viable. Assam Power Project Development Company Limited is a platform from where government drives its various potential power project studies and brings a viable project at a sellable platform.

    Currently the company has identified the following hydro-power projects and is pursuing the same:
    Borpani Middle I Project (22.50 MW)
    Dhansiri Small Hydro Power Projects (20 MW)
    Borpani Middle II Project (24 MW)
    Upper Borpani Project (60 MW)
    Bordikharu Project (2 MW)